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thanks guys *warm fuzzies*

hello all you live journal-ers!!!

I just wanted to say thanks very much to all of you who came along on fri nite. I had a really tops time. I know I don't see much of you all given all my travel and especially lately due to too much work. But I was really touched and really humbled to have so many people show up. I really didn't think I knew so many people in Melbourne, at least well enough to come and celebrate my birthday with me (and rather early at that!!!) :D I felt really loved and really special :D

Shout outs go to Kupp and Amanda who bought me shots :D and to Ben Tolmie for his lovely photos (...is he on LJ?) It really meant a lot to me to have you all there even if I didn't  get to talk to you much. Looking forward to hanging out with you all again soon:)

Love (Scarlett) Sare xxxx

Birfay P-A-R-T-A-Y

Hi all,

well I've decided on just one bar for my birthday drinks, Polly on Brunswick st Fitzroy. As much as I want to check out other bars as well, just being in one location if ppl are comming and going will prob work best. Drinks start from 7.30 on the 12th november, but I'll be there from 7.

Really hope you can all make it :) Will be great to see you all. I've been keeping a rather low profile lately, not by choice, stoopid work :( should hopefully ease up by next weekend, fingers crossed!

I might just remind you again to just keep the talk about mischevious things to a minimum around unfamiliar faces. Most of my work friends don't really know what I get up to and it's prob best to keep it that way :)

so please come along for a drink or two or 10 :D my number is 0400933793 if you need to contact me next fri, or before :D

Sare xxx

Birthday celebrations

ok all I've decided to celebrate my Bday on the 12th nov by checking out some bars in Fitzroy. I've created an event on FB and have (hopefully) invited you all. If I haven't, or if I've left ppl off PLEASE let me know :) friends/parter/whoever welcome. will be fairly casual. I've also invited a few work ppl and my sister and her husband....most of them do not partake in mischeivous activities so just be aware and perhaps keep those conversitions to a minimum around unfamilar faces :)

really hope you can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sare xxx

quiet weekend

nothing too exciting this weekend, a far cry from last weekend hehe. Went to "the local" in St Kilda on Friday night with work ppl but was home in bed by 10. Managed a good workout on Sat AND a run on Sunday and L.A. and I had some adventures up Sydney rd and Lygon st for gelato. Was a ring in at my sisters for dinner last night and we had a roast :D YUM! other than that just worked and cleaned, the perfect little house wifey thing. Have no money, off to Adelaide to see Mike on the weekend as he is training there for 8 weeks. prob the last time I see him before Thailand :(  Am finially glad spring is on the way, wasn't it gorgeous today?! :D

Loving Community! thanks Luke D.....another quote...."girls were made to dance, that's why god gave them giggly things!" hehe.

Soooooo I know its ages away but my birthday is coming up at the end of Nov. was thinking of doing a bar tour of Brunswick st. There's a couple of bars I want to check out......namely Polly, the Alchemist and another new one whose name I can;t remember. Don't want it to be partocularly trashy as I'm thinking of having it on Fri 26th november which is a couple of days before I go to Thailand. What are peoples thoughts/ideas? any other bars? resturants etc?


well, it has been a long time since I've posted something :-S tends to come in waves!

First of all, thanks guys for an amazing time on the weekend! I was always looking forward to it but didn't know what sort of weekend I'd have. Thanks Kupp for turning my Friday night upside down :D That was EXACTLY what I needed, which led into an epic purge into bulb land with Luke D....and wasn't that fun! Prob one of the trashier things I've done but don't regret it in the slightest :D Was lovely to stay up and watch the sunrise with you guys, talking gibberish etc. I then found L.A. and we went into town to get coffee and the lovely church-come-cafe. We also went there on Sunday and they have the best muffins I've ever tasted. I spent some if Saturday reading, resting, walking, smoking and geting to know more people in DMF, and that was awesome :) Have gotten to know a few members of DMF quite well and it was nice to get to know some others as well. Glad that I decided to keep to not drinking (I'm at 3 weeks and counting) thought the packet of cigarettes I consumed  was not the smartest decision. Wheezed like an old man at the gym today....

Was nice to bring L.A. too...he seemed a bit reserved at first but was good to see him get to know a lot of people on Saturday nite. Was good to see him twirl again, has been quite a while, his style and moves have really developed.

Had quite a sombre week last week, as usual this shitty weather is getting to me and Mike was on his first of 9 weeks of course, which means little communication and visits :( All kinda hit me at once and I was just feeling a little down and uninspired :( But Wildwood definitely picked me up from that!

There is talk of Mike moving down here next year....that really excites me! He is looking to change is role in the army to do some sort of trade, something in communucations he was saying. He ahs to apply for it, but the course runs in Melbourne for 18 or so months, then there is a good chance he'll get posted anywhere in Oz he would like, whether Melbourne, Sydney etc. That is pretty much spot-on timing for when my contract runs out, and we can work out over the next couple of years what we want to do. Really really excited!  Am really looking forward to starting a life with him....there is still a lot of planning to do, and it's all dependant on him even getting into the course, but nice to know it's on the cards :D

10 Weeks til Thailand!!!!

Fantabulous weekend :D

well, all in all, this has been one of the best weekends I've had in quite some time :)

It started off with my arriving home rather grumpy on friday night, I really don't like Melbourne traffic...mixture of bad drivers, bad pedestrians and rude people. The trip home from work really tests me so was extremely snappy towards Luke and Mike when I arrived home. Anyhoo both were patient and Mike gve me a massage, bless his cotton socks :) we chilled for a bit and it came time to get ready to head to brown alley. I was quite content on the couch however Mike hadn't had a dance in AGES (neither had I really) and we saw J00F a couple of years ago in Sydney on our first evor date. So I sucked it up (after more whinging) and Luke gave us a lift into the city. It was damn hard trying to find a bar where we could wait for everyone else....I thought Melbourne was the city of bars.....where were they?! Any hoo we eventually found one on market st and once I got the phone call from Nursey we headed back to King st. Similar to everyone else, we were a little disappointed with J00F but M.I.K.E. was aweomse :) haven't heard great trance in a while! Woulda been nice to have something to go with it but everyone seemed short so I made do with a (fair) few drinkies :) was great to ahve a boogie and I know Mike enjoyed himself :) was also great to dance of the entire pizza I had for dinner! I have been eating so much lately! do not know what is wonrg with me!!!

We jumped into a tax about 3.45 and got flashed by a fellow punter that looked like she just had her tits done. They were a nice size, but looked overly round and fake. Unfortunately Mike missed it but the taxi driver thought it was a hoot! we crawled into bed trying to be quiet and had a rather broekn sleep due to too much red bull. Eventually got some though and it was so nice to wake up next to Mike the next day :) was went to the tim burton exhibition which was great but there was a lot of people I loved seeing alices "red dress" up close and personal. it is Divine! then there was sushi for lunch, cake for dessert, back home for a nap on the love sac and out to dinner with my sister and her husband, which was Japanese in Moonee Ponds. Fantastic food and lots of it for just $25 each, then to Lygon st to Brunetti's for dessert (Argh! so much food AGAIN!!!) Was great seeing my sister and her Luke, really nice having some famiily here. They can't make it to my graduation in two weeks so it was nice to celebrate with them. Was very proud of Mike, he used chopsticks for the frist time :) Was also great having chats to Kate (my sis), she filled me in on a lot of gaps of my childhood. Mum used to always say I stuggled with learning difficulties, she said I had passive ADD (I'd tune out, and not pay attention but I wasn't a little shit) and I remember going to educational psycologists, speech therapists and paediatric physios from a young age. Sometimes though a lot of it feels so long ago that maybe over time I've made some of it up and not realised. but Kate confimed that it all happened and it was all real, even the part of showing signs of cerebral palsy as an infant (hence the phyiso). I don't know much about how the human mind works but I reckon that and the learning problems is all interrelated. I don;t want to sound full of myself, but it makes me feel all the more proud of what I've acheived. Mum never knew I even started my doctorate, I know she would be so proud of me now. It will be so hard not to have her at my graduation, especially for all that she has done for me.

Ahem sorry about the sappy stuff, digressed a little! So after dessert Mike and I came home and I was feeling ill so went straight to sleep. slept SO WELL!!!! there was no snoring from him and it was sooooooo nice to turn over and give him hugs while sleeping. We slept in till midday , drifting in and out of sleep, having great sex and pillow talk :) We then battled the rain and drove up to Hellinic Republic on Lygon st to meet up with other friends for an AWEOMSE lunch. Seriously one of the best meals I have EVOR had! It was $55 a head not incl drinks but by golly it was worth it. There was 10 of us so it was a set menu, but there were 4 courses, so all breads and dips  and vine leaves and croqettes and hams, and seafood and salad and saganaki and lamb and tzaziki and chips and greek donuts and YUM!!!! HIghly recommend it to anyone who is up for a nice special meal, however book ahead, it gets really busy! Then it was straight to the apirport to drop Mike off tho hung there for a bit as his flight was rather late. Miss him like crazy already but I know he enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.....was the perfect balance of family, friends and relaxation :)

On a completely different topic is anyone else interested in coming to the Titanic exhibition next weekend? At this stage I'm thinking Sat arvo. Luke A and Luke D are keen. I'm gunna get the tix later this week so let me know by Wed if you're also interested. and just fix me up on the day.

How you all had a weekend as good as mine :)

Sare xxxxxx


Can you believe last nigt was the first time I'd ever seen a naked chick in the flesh?!?!?! Sometimes I even surprise myself at how sheltered I am !

quick update

hmmm just noticed it's been a month since I've been on here.

Can't really be bothered to detail much of late. Went to Edinburgh, conference was great and exhausting, lovely city though didn't have much time to look around. Lots of good feedback about my work which is tops. Didn't try haggis which is a shame now that I think about it. Took me lots of tears and forever to get over the jetlag but did eventually. Took a few days off and spent time with Mike in Toowoomba not long after I got back which was lovely. Starting to warm up already there! Was stoked I didn't have to wear a jacket out :D Caught up with Nursey Sarah for pudding and sewing lessons. I now know how to sew buttons and completed replacing the buttons on my red overcoat all by myself :D although I did partially sew a pocket together but oh well it can stay that way. Spent the rest of the weekend cleaning, watching DVD's, drinking Luke's mead and baking at my sister's -  Rocky road cupcakes! divine :D Heading to Hobart tomorrow but jsut overnight, have managed to pack all I need into just my workbag :D Also caught up with Kupp for another one of his lovely home meals, highly rate his schnitzel.

Not up to much this weekend. I know pystrance and strippers are on but leaning towards giving it a miss. Want to save my pennies for the folllowing weekend for JOOF and M.I.K.E. and other adventures as Mike is down and shall be coming to Corch's partay as well. Plus I gratuate at the end of the month and I know it will be a big weekend back in Sydney.

Besides Nursey and Kupp haven't seen anyone lately....July was frantic :( Ben! I've missed you! we should catch up for dinner or something soon :) Luke D! Same too! Wouldn't mind doing some things around Melbourne either on the weekends.....anyone interested in seeing the Titanic exhibition in the next few weeks? Anyone want to do anything else, perhaps the weekend of the election (besides voting, of course)??

Sarah xx

tis been a while....

heya all,

has been a while since my last post. Can't remember what my last one was about but anyhoo.

Had Mike and Ronnie and Marty from Syd down over the long weekend and we all went to see underworld While most of you braved not royal. Underworld were fantastic but unforunately we all reacted rather badly to gear....Ronnie fainted, Mike felt really ill but it didn't hit me until I got home, went to bed and then got up to go to the bathroom. at first I felt fine, but once I stood up my legs were all shaky and I was so dizzy I had to hold on to the walls to get to the loo. I couldn't see straight and just felt wrong. Mike managed to calm me down and get me back to sleep and the next time I woke up I'd improved, which was something. Was a tad scary tho.

Mike stayed the week, which was awesome, was so lovely to have him round. Think he got a bit bored as I had to work most the week but it was so nice to come home to him :) such a luxury for us. We were still pretty tired and recovering from the weekend before so stayed in most nights. The next weekend we went to Daylesford and spoiled ourselves, stayed in a luxurious B and B (called the manse, HIGHLY recommend it, bath tub in the middle of the room!), went to the chocolate factory, got massages, bought lots of local yummy produce and just enjoyed each others company :) Unfortunately though Mike was coming down with tonsilits and a bad cold so by the end he was grumpy and I was well stressed about the week I had at work, as well as having to say goodbye to him. So this led to a rather long week at work, preparing my poster for my up coming conference in Edinburgh. Twas good though, it made the week go more quickly :) I also caught up with the lovely Nursey Sarah for din dins at her place, spent some much needed time at home with a lovely red, did some more work on my poster and went to Joni's fairwell :) I really enjoyed Monkey Bar and the Tapas were brilliant but I had a rather unfortunate experience  with a mouse falling right into my lap! It seemed it fell from the air con vent and smack bang into my lap. It caught me off guard, I brushed it off in a hurry and it scurried away. I reported it to management, but don't know what they can really do about it :-S

Then all last week I was on the Gold Coast for a climate adaptation conference. It was really interesting, but not quite my field. The accomodation was lovely and although the gold coast is rather tacky it was nice to see the sunrise earlier and over the ocean :D I went for a lovely long run one day, about 13k! was rather impressed I could run that far with only a few mins break here and there :) The conference days were long though, they just jam packed so much in. Usually conferences have their share of partying and piss ups, but this one didn't, eveyone was just too tired. On thurs evening I had to peel myself off the couch at 8.30 just to go to bed, and slept for 8 hours straight, rather odd for me. Mike came to stay one night and then came to pick me up on friday. We ventured into Brisvegas to visit friends, and had some lovely Korean for dinner, as well as visiting this fantastic cocktail bar in west end. I've never been to one like it....the most extensive cocktail menu I've ever seen in such a lovely venue, almost like walking into a greenhouse. Even more surprising it was in Brisbane!

Saturday we drove back to Toowomba and found this lovely winery just outside of town. We ate scones and drunk tea as the sun set over the great dividing range and we bought $100 of wine to share when I go to visit next :) Again we were both soooo tired and were in bed by 9.30am. Come Sunday Mike had to leave for his shift at 7am and I was on my way back to the airport by 11 :( such a shame, will be 3 weeks til I see him next. I always enjoy my time with Mike, but sometimes I feel I take it for granted when we are actually together. We plan so much then get so tired when we try to pack it in to a few days and then get upset when we don't do all that we say. I sometimes put too much pressure on myself and get so frustrated when things don't go to plan and unfortunately end up being a grumpy bitch at times. Then I get upset further coz I don't want to impinge on special time. I had a good chat to Mike about this yesterday, he understands and doesn't take it personally. Next time I'm up we are just going to spend the time with each other, not plan anything and take each day as it comes, whether it be in bed, at the gym or going for a drive together :) I miss being by nice relaxed self around him!

So this week I;ve still got more work to do on my Edinburgh poster, but it's coming together nicely and I shouldn't have to do any long days :) Will have it to the printers on thursday sometime. Am quite excited, really think I'm on to something here :) Now that the stress is out of the way I'm starting to look forward to the conference :) Does anyone have any requests for small, cheap items to be bought back? Nursey has requested a UK cadbruys fruit and nut bar, maybe if she's lucky she'll get two! ;) I leave for Edinburgh sat nite, and get back the following sunday. The leave I get from travelling out of work hours I'll take the following week so I can go see Mike again. So July is pretty much out for me!

oh and YAY!!! I've finally gained my housemate back!!! :D worth his weight in gold for cooking me dinner tonight :D

To all of you going to the Cook Islands, have a fabulous time :) take lots of photos for me and lap up some sunshine! How I miss it!!!!!

Love love,

Scarlett Sarah :) xxxxxxx


so what's news in Scarlet Sarah's world?

Getting sick yet again, with another cold. 4th in 2 months. hmmm not great. Might take a trip to doctors if this keeps on happening.

Having a few visitors this weekend, two of my good friends from sydney whom I was brisdesmaid for a couple of months ago, and Mike too :) First lot of visitors for me :D very excited! We're headed to Winter Sound System to see Underworld, I missed them the last time they were in oz so don't want to miss out on them again.

Work going O.K. not as busy as a few weeks ago, but really need to get my ass into gear in do some "science" and get some papers published. Need to do some work and get a poster printed for the conference I'm going to Edinburgh in mid July. Am cutting it fine but should hopefully be O.K :D

Had Kupp over for dinner last nite, cooked a new recipe, for the first time in forever. shoulda taste tested it as I was cooking but winged it. Was O.K, edible, but not great. Kupp was quite the gentleman and ate it anyway without a complaint :) Next time I cook for friend/s I might try something a little more safe...

Surviving the cold, new heater works a charm. Put my electric blanket on by bed today, can't wait to use it tonight!

Flatmate home albiet briefly last weekend. Good to have company, hopefully he'll be back more perminantly in a couple of weeks.

In the market for some noise reducing headphones, perferably closed ones, for airplane travel. under $200. any suggestions?